Sep 062014

Dear Friends and Customers,

After much prayer and deliberation, we have decided not to return to the farmers markets for now. Please know this has not been an easy decision.

Over the past eight years our business grew from just selling cuts of lamb to a whole line of value added products as well as lamb, goat, beef, pork, and chicken. Although our sales continued to grow, we were spending so much time in the kitchen and getting ready for the markets that we didn’t have time to actually farm. And with continually raising feed/hay costs and processing fees, our profit margins didn’t allow for hiring outside help.

Two years ago we had our worst lambing season ever. Between the weather, our ewe base getting old (because we were harvesting everything born), and burning the candle at both ends, we lost a third of our lambs. We finally had to admit we were spread too thin.

The second reality check was that we were so busy we had let our competition in the show ring out pace us. Our first love has always been showing sheep and selling breeding stock. And now the kids were just getting by in the show ring. We have spent this summer visiting sheep breeders at national sales and rejuvenating our breeding stock with key purchases. We have also begun to complete off all those much needed projects that get put on the back burner when there are not enough hours in the day.

We still believe in the power local agriculture and greatly appreciate all of your support these past eight years. We will be offering half and whole lambs for sale in the fall. Please contact us if you are interested.

We can not tell you how much you have meant to use over the years — you have become like family!

With our sincerest thank you,

Corey and Janet Childs & family

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