Livestock Terms


Barrow – castrated male pig

Boar – intact male pig

Buck – intact male sheep or goat

Bull – intact male cattle

Calf – cattle under one year of age

Calving – a cow giving birth

Chick – a baby chicken

Cow – mature female cattle

Doe – female goat

Ewe – female sheep

Farrow – a pig giving birth (to farrow)

Gilt – female pig

Heifer – female cattle that has not yet calved

Hen – female chicken that has begun laying eggs

Kid – goat under one year of age or a goat giving birth (to kid)

Lamb – sheep under one year of age or a sheep giving birth (to lamb)

Piglet – newborn or pre-weaned pig

Pullet – an adolescent female chicken that has not started laying eggs

Ram – intact male sheep

Rooster – intact male chicken

Shear – to remove the wool from a sheep

Sow – mature female pig

Steer – castrated male cattle

Wether – castrated male sheep or goat

Veal – meat from young cattle

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